What is racism?

I see this word thrown around a lot,and I mean A LOT!  You can’t disagree with anything without someone yelling that you’re a racist.  What exactly is racism?  Here is the actual definition:

the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
  • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

So that seems pretty cut and dried, right?  Yet, the word racist is thrown at anyone who disagrees with someone else.  While the people disagreeing might be from different races, I haven’t found this always the case, and most of the time, the disagreement has nothing to do with race.  So why is it used?  Because it is a hot button issue, politically correctness has run a muck as well as most people being too stupid to realize they are using the word wrong.

So whenever racism is thrown out, it is basically to cover up the fact that the person using it is too stupid to come up with a valid argument.  You see, I don’t have anything against all the different races out there. We’re all on this planet, and we’re all human beings.  What I have a problem with is the apparent and rampant stupidity that plagues many of the people on this planet of ours.  I am not a racist, but I guess you can call me a smartist. While there is an urban definition meaning a conservative artist, here is my definition of the word:

the belief that some members of the human race possess stupid characteristics or inabilities specific to idiots, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior to a smarter class of humans.
  • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a lesser intelligence based on the belief that one’s own intelligence is superior.

Some may say that is the same as elitist, but I’m not an elitist.  I’m not a snob who thinks I’m better than most everyone. I just know that I’m smarter than an alarming and increasing number of people who don’t have two brain cells to rub together.  I realized the other day that 100 IQ is the average intelligence for a person.  While that may seem like a great number to be, you have to realize that if that is the average, there is a huge percentage of people who are less.  If the max IQ someone could have is 120, then it would make sense that no one would be dumber than 80.  I can’t quite recall from the movie Forrest Gump, but I seem to recall the level of mental retardation drops below 75.  That’s only 5 below what many “functional” and voting adults have.

But the highest IQ isn’t only 120.  My own IQ was tested in the mid 130’s, and I think my sister was 140.  IQ can go way above 150. So if the average is 100, do the math on that one (if you can).  I don’t think they even test for IQ anymore, since we’ve now moved into a society that doesn’t think it’s fair to point out that some children are not as smart as others.  We’re supposed to treat them all the same and not fail any of them.  It can’t just be me who disagrees with this?  I for one don’t want to have a doctor who barely passed his medical exams.  I want only a doctor who got A’s on his exams.  Anything less than that is unacceptable.  To say that stupid people should be able to do anything that smart people can is ridiculous, not to mention dangerous.  They can’t do everything that smart people can do, but I guess you have to be smart to understand that. Unfortunately, I think the stupid people are quickly overtaking the smart people, and they’re being elected into office. I don’t doubt these people are the teachers and lawyers, though I can only imagine how they made it through school.  Everything has to be dumbed down, so everyone can pass.  That concept terrifies me, and it will eventually cause our society to crumble.

Ever see the movie idiocracy?  While the majority of that movie was stupid, the beginning of it was brilliant in its depiction of what will happen when stupid people breed faster than smart people.  Actually, it’s already beginning to happen.

Open letter response to Brian J Morris & Mayo Clinic

Mr. Morris,

Your collaboration with fellow circumfetishist Thomas Wiswell in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings article has inspired numerous postings, rebuttals and outrage on Facebook.  I’m not angry for the simple reason that I don’t expect any better of either of you.  Though it  does amaze me how two older men have dedicated their lives to either skinning or wanting to fantasize about the perpetual skinning of baby penises.

Having addressed this open letter to only Brian, since I don’t know much about Wiswell other than his obsession with circumcision, I will keep my further remarks directed to him.  I have read your comments on Facebook as well as in articles you regurgitate again and again online.  You call those of us against RIC foreskin worshipers.  This is probably the craziest thing you can call us, since we don’t worship anything. We merely try to tell doctors to put their knives down and leave the defenseless babies alone.

I can’t wrap my mind around why you are so obsessed with infant circumcision, other than you are just creepy and it turns you on.  Because honestly, what do you get out of making sure all men will have ED and calloused penises at your age?  Since surely you suffer from both of these and are bitter.  Is that why? You can’t stand the idea that there are men out there who can enjoy sex more than you can?  There is a psychological disorder for that, you know?  I’ve even referenced it in one of my many articles, but I”m sure you know all about it.

But that’s not why I am writing this letter.  I wanted to let you know why I am an intactivist, since you clearly have no clue why women and mothers like me are fighting against men like you.  I don’t have a foreskin fetish, since I think I’ve only seen two in my whole life: my father’s when I was very young and my 5 year old son’s (I hope that irks you that he is intact, I really do).  If any man has had one since I’ve been sexually active, I don’t recall, and my husband of nine years is cut.  So I can’t say which I would prefer to be with, since I don’t know if I’ve even been with an intact man.  I’ve certainly not inspected all of them, especially when I was younger and less bold.

So my intactivism has nothing to do with my sexual preference.  Not only that, but it’s damn creepy for a woman to want her son to be cut or not based on her own sexual desires.  Why then, did I want him to remain intact?  That’s a good question, and not something that has an easy answer, so I will summarize.

I was raised thinking that all men were circumcised as babies.  I thought the foreskin was a flap that went over the penis and prevented normal function.  I truly thought it was a little snip and believed all the lies that went along with it.  It surprised me the first time someone from another country told me that he couldn’t imagine letting anyone cut off his foreskin.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around that discovery. So not everyone did it? How was that possible?  I can only assume I didn’t know my father was intact during this brainwashing, or I thought that sex was difficult for him and my mother, and I certainly never asked.

I was then linked to an article written by a man who was very unhappy with his circumcision.  He didn’t even know that was the problem until someone told him about restoring his foreskin (weights on his penile shaft skin, forcing it to grow to cover the glans), which was taking him a couple years.  He reported going from not being able to ejaculate during sex, no matter what position he tried, to having renewed sensory pleasure that blew his mind.  I could no longer keep my head in the sands of ignorance and I started doing my own research, and the more I found, the more disgusted I became with myself…and the more disgusted I became with you.  You were always at the forefront of the myths and lies spread about boys remaining intact.  As soon as one of your lies were disproved, you’d publish a new lie.  The cycle appears endless, at least until you finally die, I suppose.  And no, of course that isn’t a threat, but luckily you’re not a young man, and everyone dies of old age.  You are getting a bit long in the tooth, as they say. :)

Fast forward a few years to finding out I was pregnant with a boy.  I knew circumcision was wrong, but I was married to a cut man and didn’t want him to think he didn’t have any say. Suffice to say I wasn’t as researched then as I am now, 6 years later, or I would have flat out told him that it would not happen.  But then I asked him what he thought, and of course his response was he wanted his son to look like him.  I gave him a small bit of info on it, and he said we would ask the pediatrician after our son was born.  Luckily, we got an educated and compassionate doctor who basically told us that “although it cuts down the chances of UTI’s in the first 6 months, there were no other benefits.” He also told us that he didn’t like to do them and that the foreskin was put there for a reason. That was enough for my husband, who responded, “then we won’t do it.”  I was relieved!  Since then, I’ve given him enough information that he finally admits that it’s wrong to do it to any baby, himself included.

So although you have no business knowing any of this information about me and my family, I wanted you to know, so you will know that you are as ignorant about women like me as you are about the BS benefits you spout about RIC.

Shame on you for choosing such a hurtful and horrible agenda as your life pursuit.  If there is a hell, there has to be a special place for those who like to hurt children and babies.


Texas overturns ban on same-sex marriage

Like I needed another reason not to like Texas since I moved here.  This news is irritating for several reasons.  First because the slogan for this is “love is love” and second, I’m now mad at a friend of mine for posting and supporting this decision on her FB page.

I am so tired of hearing “love is love” or “everyone should be able to love whoever they want” that I’m about ready to claw the eyes out of the next person who says it to me.  Like I’ve said before, this isn’t about love, it’s about sex, so no, they don’t have the right to love whoever they want when it involves sex.  I mentioned pedophiles and incest to my friend, and she fired back that pedophiles didn’t love, so it wasn’t comparable. Really, now we’re judging pedophiles being able to love?  Isn’t that judging them?  Something we’ve been told we can’t do to gay people? How is it ok to judge one dysfunction but not the other? Oh right, because being gay isn’t supposed to be considered a dysfunction anymore.

The thing that some people don’t seem to realize is that there is a small group of individuals starting to push the idea that pedophiles are people too and they aren’t deviant, they merely love children.  They aren’t doing anything wrong unless they act on their urges.  It doesn’t matter that they want to have sex with your child, only that they aren’t currently doing it.  Yes, I actually had someone try to get in a debate with me over this, and I immediately shut them down by blocking them. I won’t have a conversation where someone tries to justify pedophilia by saying “there was once a time when gay people were treated badly.”  As far as I”m concerned, both can be lumped in the same category.

Why?  Because if you open your small mind enough to look around this big world of ours, there are places where homosexuality is against the law but pedophilia is legal and accepted. Why do you think there are child brides out there?  They aren’t screwing the same sex but they are screwing little girls.  America can no longer call itself the enlightened country, since we are well on our way to accepting sexual deviance.  Luckily we haven’t allowed pedophiles to “love who they want”, but I’m sick to the stomach with dread that it’s not that far off!

Just think about that!

Circumcision is NOT just a little snip

I saw something on Facebook today that made me shudder and cross my legs…and I’m a woman.  I can only imagine what a man would do when/if he saw it.  Won’t know though, since someone (probably a pro-cutter) reported it and it was yanked off the site.  Here is an enlargement of the report, which shows a small version of the photo:


You’re actually lucky you only get to see it small. The larger version (which you can view by clicking on the above photo but do so knowing it might upset you) showed the bloody detail of the inner foreskin a bit too much. It hurts to look at it, even though I wasn’t the defenseless baby that this was sliced, ripped and crushed away from.  The inner foreskin is not skin but a mucous membrane that protects the head of the penis.

You want to know what really bothers me about this and the whole infant circumcision debate?  No one wants to read or hear about monstrosities done to babies.  If the normal Joe or Jane heard about someone torturing a baby or sexually abusing one, he/she would be horrified, right?  That is the normal response to something so heinous.  But you try to tell them that subjecting a baby to circumcision is the same thing, and they look at you as if you are crazy.

Guess what pro-cutters? We aren’t the crazy ones.  YOU ARE!

Everyone should be able to love whoever they want!

I saw something on Facebook about a month ago, and it has stayed with me.  So I have decided to finally write about it.   Some people took a bunch of kids aged from about 5 to 12 and had them watch a video of same sex couples proposing to each other.  A few of the kids were shocked and others thought it was sweet. When interviewed after watching the video, just about all of them came to the conclusion that everyone should be able to love whoever they want.  That is a lovely sentiment, and it is the truth.  Everyone should be able to love whoever they want.

Everyone has the right to love their parents.
Everyone has the right to love their siblings.
Everyone has the right to love their pets.
Everyone has the right to love children.

Problem is, we aren’t talking about love, we’re talking about sex.  So now replace love with sex in those four statements:

Everyone has the right to have sex with their parents. — INCEST
Everyone has the right to have sex with their siblings. — INCEST
Everyone has the right to have sex with their pets. — BESTIALITY
Everyone has the right to have sex with children. — PEDOPHILIA

Um, no, now all of them are wrong, and I think most people would agree with me on that one.  While it’s perfectly OK to love all those people, it suddenly becomes wrong when you want to change that love by involving sex.

So while it is OK for anyone to love whoever they want, it’s not OK to have sex with whoever they want.  For anyone to expect differently, they are expecting something to change.  While I sincerely hope that no law will ever be passed to make any of the above offenses legal or accepted, it is my fear that it will happen. Why? Because there was a time when homosexuality was labeled the sexual dysfunction that it is.  Now society wants everyone to accept it, and stop judging gay people for being openly gay.  The thing these people do not seem to realize is that you keep your kink in your bedroom. You don’t flaunt it for the world to see.  If you want to be sexually deviant, keep it to yourself and your sexual partners.  You expect a gay pride parade?  Hell, I’m proud to be a straight woman, but you don’t see me and the rest of straight people having a pride parade to celebrate. What makes you so special that you need all these events to tell everyone how proud you are?  Are you trying to convince yourselves?  Would you be accepting of pedophiles wanting their own pride parade?  Or incestuous siblings?  I would hope not, but you have to realize that your pride parades are just as disgusting as those others would be to anyone who knows the difference between right and wrong.

Gays think they deserve the right to get married.  They claim they want the same rights as straight people do.  No, they want special rights, because they already have the same rights.  We all have the right to marry an adult of no relation that is the opposite sex.  They say they should have the right to marry whoever they love.  So, if you love your brother, you should have the right to marry him?  If you love your mother?  No, love isn’t stipulated in marriage.  It’s a binding agreement between consenting men and women of no relation.  Gays want that changed to suit them.  Should it be changed to suit pedophiles?  Incestuous family members? What next?

The bottom line is that it sickens me that children are now thinking it’s OK to be gay.  When that little girl said that people should be able to love whoever they want, I wanted to be the interviewer and ask her if that applied to her parents.  Would it be alright if someone had told her parents that it was OK to be gay, and they never met. That little girl would cease to exist, as well as every other child, if their parents had decided that being gay was better. Most of us are here because our parents not only loved the opposite sex, but procreated as well.  Gay people cannot procreate, short of artificial insemination, which is OK if it’s needed, but should not be considered the sole way to reproduce.  If everyone decided that being gay was OK and accepted, the human race would eventually die out.  Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, though.  Give the world back to the animals.

Carpet Close-Outs Needs New Installers (UPDATED)


Updated 1/17/14

It’s hard to know who to trust or which company deserves your business. When trying to sell a home, many improvements must be made to it, new carpet usually being at the top of that list. It has to be nice enough to showcase the home, but affordable enough not to be cost prohibitive. Our realtor suggested Robert Cedillo with Carpet Close-Outs on Colina Lane in Austin, TX. I met with Robert, who was really nice and offered a great deal on economy carpet. Overall, I would be saving about a grand over Lowe’s price, so I signed his proposal and set up the sale.

Everything went well, the installers showed up and spent all day installing the carpet. But then that night we immediately noticed that there were several sharp areas under the carpet. I called Robert and asked him about it, but he assured me it was the padding or the seal which needed to settle over time. Not believing that for a second, we insisted that someone come out and look at it, since we were sure there was either a rock or something of that nature under the carpet, and one of them was in a prominent area in the living room which gets most of the foot traffic.

A week or two later, Gonzalo Esquivel, the head installer, came out to check the areas my husband and I marked on the carpet. According to my husband, Gonzalo went around the house and banged the spots with a hammer. While this made the spots less obvious, I wasn’t at all happy about the “solution”. A few weeks went by before I started noticing carpet fibers appearing in the living room. I quickly noticed a spot of carpet where the worse bump had been was losing fibers in chunks. I attempted to glue them back, since we had showings and that looked awful! When I realized it was getting worse, I realized it needed to be fixed. Not at this time putting it together with the previous bump and what Gonzalo did, I attempted to replace that small section of carpet. When I cut out the small square, I was horrified to see mulch. It was broken up in pieces, and was embedded in the pad as well as the underside of the carpet. Then I realized that was the area Gonzalo banged with his hammer, destroying the fibers and digging a hole in the padding, temporarily hiding the problem. I immediately called Robert to complain about the problem. Obviously, if mulch were in that area, it was certainly in the other areas Gonzalo hammered, so we could expect this to happen in all the other areas too.

Robert told me that he would take care of it and have them come back out to fix the problem. Gonzalo took almost two weeks to come back, and he walked in with a chip on his shoulder. I showed him where I did the repair and showed him the carpet I replaced and the mulch fragments. He immediately told me that since I cut the carpet, he wouldn’t do anything, that his guarantee was void. He wasn’t interested in looking at any of the other areas he hammered and he even denied he hammered the section that was damaged, pointing to an area of carpet behind me. I flat out called him a liar, and told him that I personally marked that area with tape to make sure it was tended to. He left my house and that was it. I called Robert to tell him what I was told, and he seemed shocked and told me he would again take care of it. My husband has every intention of contacting our lawyer, and you can see the damage Gonzalo and his crew did in the attached photo.

Updated 1/17/14: Robert insisted that the installers come back and look under the carpet for damage.  More mulch was found but no further damage to the underside.  He also told Gonzalo to fix the patch I did (which he did twice now but it’s obvious the man does not know what he is doing).  So moral of this story?  If you want a great deal on carpet, get it from Robert at Carpet Close-outs, but just DO NOT let them use their installers. See if you can find someone else.  Using Gonzalo and his crew is like playing Russian Roulette. If there are no problems, you’ll have nice economy priced carpet.  But if you get that bullet, you won’t be happy!

Every family has bad eggs

I haven’t posted in awhile, but I had to update after what happened today.  Due to Facebook, I’ve lost three members of my extended family.  No, not to death, but to stupidity and ignorance…or arrogance.  It was only a few weeks ago that I unfriended my husband’s sister and niece.  Why?  Because his niece is pregnant with a boy, and I couldn’t sleep at night without at least trying to make sure she knew that circumcision was not necessary.  So I posted an informative link from a medical professional’s perspective and asked her to take a look, not knowing what her stance on the procedure was.  Well, my sister-in-law told me to mind my own business.  I fired back that maybe she should mind her own business.  Well, it got heated, and she stepped over the line by telling her daughter to post pictures of the baby’s circumcision.  I called her a bitch, expressed my sympathy for the poor baby growing up with such a nasty grandmother, and then I unfriended them both.  I for one don’t want to hear from either of them that the baby will indeed be cut.  End of story on that for now…

Then my blood cousin unfriends me last night.  I didn’t even know it happened until her sister messaged me with “Wow, I can’t believe my sister.”  I was clueless since the only thing I had posted to Sheena (the bitch of the jungle) was asking her why she was only posting in #hashtags.  Literally, every single post was a picture with at least 10 hashtags.  It was getting a bit tedious, so I was curious why she kept doing it.  Afterall, FB doesn’t really use them, so they’re pointless, and it was an innocent question.

The give some back story, Sheena is a special kind of weird.  She has two children from separate men when she was barely out of high school, and she is raising them on her own with whichever man she’s managed to get into her pants that month.  She also has big boobs, which she LOVES taking pictures of and posting them all over her FB page.  I swear, there were numerous times I wanted to unfriend her but refrained since she’s “family”. After all, you can choose your friends but not your family.  This narcissist will take a self picture and make sure she always gets some cleavage in the shot.  This person also can’t seem to take a picture of her kids without making sure her face is in the shot too.  I had gotten to the point of wanting to block her from showing on my feed at all.  Then the drama started.  She is in the hospital, then she’s better, then she’s back in the hospital. She must have been in and out of that place half a dozen times, all the while I’m thinking how the hell can she have such good medical insurance?

Finally, she’s better, and that’s when the hashtags started.  It’s like it was her new religion. She can’t have a thought unless it starts with #.  #lovemykids #imasurvivor #lovemylife #itsgreattobealive and on and on and on.  So I asked the dreaded question, “Seriously Sheena, what’s with all the hashtags?”  I thought maybe I’d get a halfway sensible response, maybe even have some of her friends back me and ask the same thing.  Who knows if they did or not, because she unfriended me before I could even read her response.  So my other cousin does a screen shot and sends it to me.  Without writing it verbatim, she used hashtags throughout her vicious response, telling me to #gfys twice! If you don’t know what that means, I’m sure google can help. She asked who I thought I was, and that if I didn’t like it, that I didn’t have to post or read her wall, since it was hers, and that she didn’t give a shit about my opinion.  Blah blah blah.

Thinking that maybe she didn’t remember who I was, I messaged her, asking if that was how she spoke to family, and I told her that I was ashamed of her.  Was this how she talked to her elders or did she show no respect to anyone?  She fired back asking how we were family, and that I must have issues talking to such a sick woman like that. That she was lucky to be alive, and who gives a shit about hashtags.  She got quite ugly, and I’m thinking, yeah, who gives a shit about hashtags, which is why I was asking you why, you stupid bitch?  Then she even tells me to go back to sitting on my fat ass on facebook all day, like that’s what I do.  She’s on it 24/7, and she has the nerve to tell me that I’m on it all day?  Wow!  She even threatened to report me to FB and have my account deleted if I dared message her again.

So I fired back, calling her a crazy bitch and telling her that I no longer considered her family after the first #gfys and then I blocked her.

OMG, what the hell is wrong with people these days if family treats their own like this?  Hell, like my mom used to tell me, you should treat each other at least as well as you would a stranger on the street!  Sheena, you stuck up twat, my news feed will be a lot less tiresome without your incessant whining and narcissistic photos clogging it up.

Oh, and I wish your son the best of luck with having you as a mother.  That incestuous sounding relationship you have with your daughter can’t possibly be healthy on that little boy, who must want love that you clearly are only giving to her.

Equal rights for all?

Have you ever had one of those days where everything pissed you off?  Well, I’m having one of those days.  I can’t even feel good about helping in my intactivst endeavors, because all the other crap keeps getting in the way.

I guess it all boils down to that it’s Genital Integrity Awareness Week, but that’s being overshadowed by the US Congress hearing the pros and cons of same sex marriage.  One of the strongest voices in the intactivist movement was there, and when asked why he was demonstrating about RIC, he said that 99% of the intactivst movement agreed with the LGBT movement.  I have to admit that this offended me.  How dare he speak for the rest of us?  So only 1% of intactivists are against it? Where did that statistic come from?  I can tell you where. He pulled it out of his butt.

I personally don’t want to be tied to a group that I not only don’t agree with or support, but that has absolutely nothing to do with stopping routine infant circumcision.   The LGBT movement cries that they want equal rights, but they already do.  They have the exact same rights that I do.  We all can feel free to marry a member of the opposite sex. They merely want special rights.  They want to rewrite the definition of traditional marriage and destroy the concept of a true family forever. For those of you who want to disagree with me? That’s fine, and it’s your right. Just like it’s my right to voice my opinion here on my own blog.

RIC isn’t just about a person’s rights (or lack thereof) though, but so much more.  It’s about strapping an unwilling victim down and letting him scream in terror and pain as someone with a scalpel skins his penis.  Yes, skins it.  The foreskin amounts to most of a baby’s penis, especially since it is too small for any doctor (or whoever performs this procedure) to safely estimate how much to remove.  No one can know how that penis will grow or how much skin it needs to allow that growth.  And they don’t care.

If the LGBT community wants to use this same argument for equal rights, again, they do have the right to their whole body. They can misuse it as much as they want.  They can poke holes through it, tattoo it, and modify it to their heart’s content, just like the rest of us.  We intactivists merely want to grant baby boys that same right, when they are old enough to decide.  And if that baby boy grows up to be gay, he will still have the same rights to mutilate his own body as every other human does.  He just shouldn’t expect special rights.

Why do I disagree with same sex marriage?  Because it wasn’t so long ago, before the introduction of politically correctness, doctors and psychologists were honest about what homosexuality is…a dysfunction.  My husband studied it when he took anatomy and physiology, and he still knows it’s a dysfunction. In his own words every gay person he ever dealt with had some childhood trauma.  I won’t go into detail, since I would hate to start a virtual riot, but granting the right for anyone to marry anyone else is acknowledging that their dysfunction is acceptable, and that is a dangerous road to travel.  It can and will lead to worse things.  Let them have their civil unions, living wills and power’s of attorney, which gives them just about the same things married couples have.  And believe me, married people do not get tax breaks.  If I had filed separately this year, our total refund would have been higher! So stop using that as another red herring.

Let them do whatever they want in the privacy of their bedrooms, but I fear living in a society where it’s allowed to be made public and exposed to not only me, but also my son.  That would be the beginning of the end of our way of life.  And shit trickles downhill!  Everyone will suffer for it.

The bottom line is that I can no longer associate with a movement who thinks that we should also support same sex marriage. So I will no longer call myself an intactivist or associate with those who do.  This is tragic and sad, since I will forever oppose routine infant circumcision and those who support it.



My email response to Douglas S. Diekema, MD, Circumcision Taskforce

For anyone following the AAP’s new stance on infant circumcision and the rest of the world’s doctors’ critique of it, one of the taskforce members, Douglas S. Diekema, MD, responded, seemingly on his own, with his own twisted version of events.  You can read that here: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2013/03/12/peds.2013-0081.full.pdf

This response so thoroughly sickened me that I had to write him, and here is the email I sent this morning to the address mentioned at the above link:

To diek@u.washington.edu
Subject culturally biased
Date Tue, Mar 26, 2013 07:23 AM
Mr. Diekema,

Yes, I deliberately left off the doctor in your title, since I only address people I respect as such. I just wanted to express my disgust at your ridiculous response to those many doctors from around the world that basically gave you and the rest of the circumcision taskforce a virtual slap across the face. The lot of you needed to be put in your place after changing your stance in August of last year. And for you to respond
that just because parents are starting to get educated and leaving their sons intact means YOU have reason to be unbiased? Well, that is just a load of…BS to put it nicely. Do not use the new statistics to fuel your perverted and/or greedy desire to mutilate newborn male genitals.

You should have left it at “let the parents decide”, but to go on and use lies
and manipulated data to back your agenda is beyond disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. You and the rest of the taskforce need to rethink why you want to push this barbaric procedure on the innocent. Is it only for the money, or can you not deal with the idea of future men having something that you never had the chance to keep? I was able to protect my son from men like you, and it is my hope that eventually all sons will be
afforded the same protection…and respect.

I sincerely hope that someday soon, you and the rest of that taskforce of yours will follow along the same path as other circumcision proponents such as Vernon G. Quaintance. I look forward to that day with a big smile on my face.


If he responds, I will post an update, but I strongly encourage everyone to also email their outrage at this man for continuing to not only promote RIC but continuing to lie about its benefits as well as how being intact is more dangerous. Just by doing a simple search, it is easy to discover why the majority of this planet does not perform this unnecessary and risky procedure on their infants.  Again, SHAME on your Douglas Diekema and the rest of the circpervs on the AAP circumcision taskforce!

Pro-choice means you support a person’s choice!

Ok, get ready for a vent, because here comes a big one.   A few days ago I friended a fellow intactivist on Facebook to help her out with a debate over a photo she posted that said, “Pro choice does not mean pro abortion”.  This inspired the pro-life people to attack her, so I thought I’d help her out, since I’m pro-choice.  I’m also anti-circ, since I AM pro-choice, meaning I support a person to make their own personal choice about their own body.  That means a woman has the right to choose abortion, even though I might not agree with that choice. It should still be her choice to make.  Just like I support pro-choice with circumcision, meaning that if a male wants a circumcision, that is HIS choice, not his parents’.

Pro-choice also goes with breast feeding. If a woman wants to use her breasts to feed her children, that is her choice.  The same if she chooses not to. So how can someone who claims to be pro-choice with a woman as far as aborting a life inside her, but she isn’t pro-choice if that same woman won’t even try to breast feed?

I agreed with this silly bimbo on two of these three things, but since I dared disagree with her on her page about condemning women who either gave up breastfeeding or didn’t want to try, she not only unfriended me immediately, she sent me a nasty message and blocked me.  Talk about an extremist.  This woman is on the nutter side of scary.

OK, end vent!