The evolution of activism

I was looking over a few of my older posts and stumbled upon this one:

I wrote that over a year ago, and I have to admit I’ve changed quite a bit since then.  I’ve done more research on the foreskin and circumcision, discovered the revolting truth that there are circumfetishists and realized that no matter what you tell some parents, they will still mutilate their infant sons.  I guess you can say I was naive when I wrote that article.  I truly felt that since it was pretty easy to open my eyes to how barbaric infant circumcision is, I thought it would simply require me to post a few links on how awful it is, and parents would realize they didn’t want that for their sons. Guess what? I was wrong.  You can post numerous links. You can tell them that more babies die from circumcision than they do from SIDS or from drop down cribs.  You can tell them it might interfere with their child breast feeding and/or bonding with them, or that it will permanently alter their brain. They can be told their son might grow into a violent man or be unable to process emotions.  Their son might have sexual problems or might even be unable to enjoy sex.  You can tell them all of that and STILL get the response, “Well, he’s my son, not yours, so why don’t you mind your own business?”

While I can still say I’m not fanatical about intactivism, I’m not innocent of name calling.  Though I do try to impart my wisdom in a nice way, the insults thrown at me do bring my back up, and I do fight back.  At that point it is no longer me against an ignorant parent who needs valuable information.  It’s me against a stupid person who can’t see reason. It’s me against a sexual child abuser.  At that point the gloves come off.

Why is it so important?  Because as one article I read during my extensive research into the atrocity that is infant male circumcision stated, the ratio of violent sex crimes in the US have risen in direct proportion to the ratio of sexually active circumcised men.  If you cut your son, and he grows up to be a rapist, THAT affects everyone.  Of course not all circ’d men become violent, and that is not what I’m saying, but I’m pretty sure that if someone looked into it, most rapes and murders are done by cut men.  Not all, most. Men whose first memory was of being strapped down and mutilated against their will as they fought to be free and screamed for their mothers. Men who have no idea why they feel such hatred toward other people (especially women).  Their mothers should have protected them, but they didn’t.  The same mothers that I try to inform against circumcising, who tell me to “STFU and mind your own business”.

I’m sorry, but it IS my business.

4 thoughts on “The evolution of activism

  1. I agree with your passion. Damn, people can be so damn ignorant, no? I recently posted a video on FB of an infant being circ’d and pleaded with mothers to explain why they would do this to their sons. You know what I got? Loads and loads of comments telling me not to be so damn judgmental. Except a handful, my cousin for one, who admonished everyone else and said, ‘do your own damn research and then criticize Maria.’ Turns out he’s intact. Cool as shit. My husband says if the gov’t can hold people indefinitely for having more than seven days of food as suspicion of ‘terrorism’ people should be jailed for circumcising their young. It’s brutal and sick, and like you, I assumed some simple education would solve the debate. Turns out we’re wrong. People really really want to mutilate genitals that don’t belong to them. I’m thick-skinned and obstinate and will continue to share the truth about genital mutilation. Just like I do the dangers of hospital birth, pitocin, genetically modified food, and anything else I find utterly repulsive. Thanks for the activism. Keep up the good work. Maria

  2. I enjoyed your recent post on your site, Maria. You sound a lot like me with your gradual progression from being against circumcision to be disgusted by anyone who does it to their child. The insanity must end for the sake of our children’s future!

  3. I felt the same way about you from the posts I’ve read on your site. I linked your blog on mine because I like your ranting. People will always be having babies, and so things like this will continue to be important, and I know within my own circles my loud, (and some may argue, obnoxious) activism does make a difference. It takes a long time to refute long-held beliefs, but it CAN happen. (see, I’m also an idealist.) Thank gawd for the Internet.

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